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Wheel of Chance is a 5 reel video slot that is in the theme of "Wheel of Fortune". This slot machine includes 20 paylines, a Bonus Wheel icon that triggers the bonus round, a scatter card that triggers free spins and a Diamond wild card that will double the paylines winnings when the wild is present.

In order to win a payline, you must match two of the prize icons or three of the vowel symbols in a row, starting from the first reel on the left and traveling across the reels to the right. If you get an additional matching icon (if you get three prizes or four vowels in a row), you will receive 5x to 10x the money on that payline. Match an additional symbol on top of that and you will win 4x to 5x more money than that.

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In order to win money on a bet, you have to win more on the combined paylines than the number of paylines that you bet. If you bet a max bet, you have to win 20 times the amount of the coin that you bet on each payline to break even. Some paylines only pay 2x. If this is all you've won, you will have come 18x short of breaking even.

The wild card is a Diamond that sparkles when you get it on  a payline. It can be used as any other card besides the scatter and bonus round icons. Any payline that you win with the Diamond included will win you double the payout for that payline.

wheel-of-chance-slot-machine-free-spinsThe scatter icon is the Free Spin Wheel. The wheel spins and the lady winks at you if you get more than two of these anywhere on the screen. Collect three or more and you will receive 10 free spins. Free spins are max bets with the coin amount that you used when you won free spins.

Unlike some other games I've played, this one only shows you the amount that you have won on each free spin and does not accumulate the total.

The bonus round icon is the Wheel of Chance Bonus Wheel. This icon only appears on reels 2 and 4. You must get the icon on both reels to achieve the bonus round.

This 5 reel slot has the following icons:

wheel-of-chance-video-slots-wild-cardSubstitute Icon - the Wild Diamond

The substitute acts as a wild card, filling in for any other icon except the scatter card and bonus round. Paylines are doubled when this is included.
Payouts - 2 icons - 10x, 3 icons - 100x, 4 icons - 1000x, 5 icons - 8000x

wheel-of-chance-video-slots-scatterScatter Icon - the Free Spin Wheel

The scatter card is the only card that does not need to be on a payline in order to win. If you get two icons, you win double the total that you bet.
Payouts - 2 icons - 2x (total bet), 3 icons - 5x, 4 icons - 20x, 5 icons - 500x

monster-money-video-slots-bonus-round-iconBonus Round Icon - Wheel of Chance

This icon only appears on reels 2 and 4. You must get both reels to show this icon to win the bonus round.

The rest of the Wheel of Chance symbols:

In order from largest to smallest payline wins:

money-icon       cruise-icon       new-car-icon       vacation-icon       suitcase-icon

vowel-a       vowel-e       vowel-i       vowel-o       vowel-u


Wheel of Chance Bonus Round


In order to win the bonus round on Wheel of Chance, you must get both reels 2 and 4 to display the Bonus Wheel icon. Once this is achieved, you will get to see a bonus round intro flash sequence and will find yourself ready to spin the wheel of chance.

wheel-of-chance-bonus-game  monster-money-bonus-round-2
   Spin the Wheel to see what the first prize is that you will win.

Press the Spin button to spin the Wheel of Chance. You will automatically receive one of the prizes on the wheel. There are three different sets of prize values that you can receive to start with. Pictured above is the normal bonus levels, but I have seen two levels of prizes higher than this.

There is a small chance of getting the one peg bonuses but those are worth considerably more money than the other spots on the wheel. Once you have received a prize, four Bust spots on the wheel will appear.

wheel-of-chance-bonus-round-3  wheel-of-chance-bonus-round-4
Don't get too greedy, the more you spin again, the more likely you will bust out.

When you spin again, there is a chance that you can bust out. Usually, you should be safe to spin once more, revealing four more bust slices. After that, I've had about a one in five chance of not busting out on the third spin. After that, it is not worth it to try for more.

What were the chances of making it further when half the board is gone.

Bust out and you get a poor consolation prize that is worth less than what you would have received if you had not spun a second time. This is the chance that you are taking.