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Monster Money Slots Bonus Round


Monster Money is a bonus round video slot that has a mad scientist Halloween theme. The game features 25 paylines and substitute and scatter cards. Paylines are won by matching three icons (2 in a row with some icons) in a row starting from reel to the furthest left to right across the 5 reels.

The payline you win will be a multiple of the coin amount that you bet on this payline. If you bet a maximum bet, the payline may be less than what you bet. Just think of it this way, if you have 25 paylines, you have 25 coins in play. That means you need to win more than 25x from one of more paylines to win back that max bet. You could win a 5x payline, but put in 25 coins, you lost 20 coins.

The substitute card is a picture of the mad scientist. When you complete a payline using the substitute, the mad scientist throws an electrical switch and gets electrocuted.

The scatter icon is an electric rod that animates and gets completely electrified when you receive two or more icons. If you receive three or more electric rods, you will win your way to the bonus round.

This 5 reel slot has the following icons:

monster-money-video-slots-substituteSubstitute Icon - the Mad Scientist

The substitute acts as a wild card, filling in for any other icon except the scatter card. This card can help you win multiple paylines.
Payouts - 2 icons - 10x, 3 icons - 100x, 4 icons - 1500x, 5 icons - 5000x

monster-money-video-slots-scatterScatter Icon - the Electric Rod

The scatter card is the only card that does not need to be on a payline in order to win. If you get two icons, you win double the total that you bet.
Payouts - 2 icons - 2x (total bet), 3 icons - 5x, 4 icons - 20x, 5 icons - 100x

monster-money-video-slots-jackpotJackpot Icon - the Castle

The castle is the highest icon next to the substitute. If you get 3 or more of these in a row, you stand to make some big money.
Payouts - 2 icons - 5x, 3 icons - 75x, 4 icons - 1000x, 5 icons - 2000x

monster-money-video-slots-icon Icon - Evil Igor

Evil Igor is the last icon that will win a payline if you receive 2 of them in a row.
Payouts - 2 icons - 5x, 3 icons - 50x, 4 icons - 300x, 5 icons - 1500x

monster-money-video-slotmonster-money-slotsIcons - Scared Igor and Brain

Three of either of these icons on a payline will win you close to a max bet.
Scared Igor - 3 icons - 20x, 4 icons - 150x, 5 icons - 400x
Brain - 3 icons - 20x, 4 icons - 100x, 5 icons - 300x

Other Monster Money Icons

monster-money-frankensteins-head monster-money-frankensteins-hand monster-money-frankensteins-foot monster-money-beaker-icon monster-money-flux-capacitor monster-money-bolts


Monster Money Bonus Round


In order to get to the bonus round in Monster Money, you must get three of the electric rod scatter icons anywhere on the screen. Once this happens, you will automatically be transported to the bonus round.

monster-money-bonus-game  monster-money-bonus-round-door
   You have 8 doors to choose from. Hover over the door and click to reveal your prize.

This bonus game takes place in the creepy hallway of the mansion that the mad scientist lives in. Its complete with suits of armor that move and a ghost that floats from one staircase to the other. There are eight total doors that are available to choose from.

monster-money-bonus-cash  monster-money-bonus-round-total

The object of the bonus round is simple. You get to select five of the eight doors. Each door you select will reveal a ghoul and you will receive a sum of money. If you reveal the mad scientist, all bonus money won in the bonus round will be tripled.