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Psychedelic Sixties Bonus Round Slots


Psychedelic Sixties is a new i-Slot from Rival software that is based on a group of 1960's hippies on a tour groovy tour across the world. This video slot features a bonus symbol, a free spins icon, a wild card and a jackpot icon.

Psychedelic Sixties opens with an animated flash intro where the hippies board their love wagon a take off with a hippy motorcyclist trailing behind them.

psychedelic-sixties-slots-intro psychedelic-sixties-flash-intro psychedelic-sixties-video-slots-intro
     Animated flash intro scene from the i-Slot Psychedelic Sixties bonus round game.

Psychedelic Sixties has 5 reels and 20 paylines. Each payline is won by matching icons from the far left reel across to the right. All icons require three matching icons to win a payline except the hippie biker, which will reward a payline on two matching icons.

Psychedelic Sixties Video Slot Paylines

Psychedelic Sixties i-Slot Icons

psychedelic-sixties-islots-bonus-round-iconBonus Round Icon - the Hippie Wagon

The one big difference between this video slot compared to many others is that there is no money won for receiving this icon. This means it is not a scatter in that sense, only receiving three of these icons will send you to the bonus round.

psychedelic-sixties-slots-wild-cardWild Card Icon - Wild Love

This is the substitute symbol for this game. The substitute will match any other icon except the bonus round and free spins icons. The one interesting feature with the wild card in this game is that if you receive it during free spins, the wild will stretch up and down to make the whole reel a substitute. Wild only appears on reels 1, 2 and 3.

psychedelic-sixties-slots-free-spins-iconFree Spins Icon - the Chopper

Very similar to the bonus round symbol. You do not receive any money for getting this icon. The only way the free spins card does you any good is if you receive three of them on your screen. If you do, you get to go to free spins mode.

psychedelic-sixties-slots-jackpotJackpot Icon - the Flower

This is the icon that provides the biggest payouts in the game. If you get 5 of these icons across the reels, you will win 2000 times your original bet. Even if you get 3 of these symbols in a row, you will win 50x the amount bet on the payline.

Other Psychedelic Sixties Icons

       psychedelic-sixties-biker-hippie     psychedelic-sixties-lava-lamp     psychedelic-sixties-smiley-face     psychedelic-sixties-icon

      psychedelic-sixties-peace-symbol     psychedelic-sixties-hippie     psychedelic-sixties-tambourine      psychedelic-sixties-hippie-girl

Psychedelic Sixties Free Spins Mode

psychedelic-sixties-free-spins-animation psychedelic-sixties-free-spins psychedelic-sixties-free-spins-wild

Free Spins mode is won when you get three of the motorcycle icons on the screen. An interactive animation scene activates and the biker hippie rides into the screen. You are awarded an amount of free spins plus a random payline multiplier for free spin wins.

The one cool thing about the free spins mode in this game is that any wild received during free spins will expanded to the full length of the reel, which makes the free spins mode a big money making endeavor.

Psychedelic Sixties Bonus Round

The bonus round is achieved when you collect three bonus round vans on the screen. When this happens, you will see the hippie wagons roll out of view while a larger version drives in from the edge of the screen. He does a lap around the border of the reels. When you select the Bonus button, you go to the bonus round intro screen.

psychedelic-sixties-win-bonus-round  psychedelic-sixties-bonus-round-intro

At this screen, you will see the following which describes the mission:
"The year is 1967, and you want to share the love with the world, so you're taking your van on a far-out tour to cities across the globe!"

psychedelic-sixties-bonus-round-info  psychedelic-sixties-bonus-round-map

Once you click start, you will see a map of the world with X's to mark where you've already visited. The van moves from one city to the next each successive time you enter the bonus round.

psychedelic-sixties-bonus-round-city  psychedelic-sixties-bonus-round-cash

The object of the bonus game is to pick up hippies. Why? Because its always time to party with other hippies. You get to pick up four hippies in your van. Each hippie gives you some money for the ride and the good time.

You don't have to pick up every hippie on the screen, you can select one of the two "View City" buttons to travel around the city.

psychedelic-sixties-bonus-round-move  psychedelic-sixties-bonus-round-collect

Each hippie is worth a certain amount of coins. The low end of the bonus spectrum would be about 10x-20x the coins that you bet and the high end would be around 100x-200x the amount of your bet. The number of coins that you receive will accumulate for your total bonus.


You drive off into the sunset with your winnings and are taken back to the video slot screen.