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bonus-round-slotsIn my opinion the Bonus Feature Slot Machines are one of my favorites. In between playing the slot machine if you hit the right combination you get a free game, in which you can in fact win money if you are good enough.

It is quite entertaining and keeps me on my feet. Here I will explain a little more about the Bonus Feature Slot Games that you can play, and hopefully you too will see what a hidden treasure they are.

There are several styles of Bonus Feature games at that I will cover in this article, but I believe that I will gave you the basic definition up above and now I will cover a couple of the games that you can play.

There is a top game that is the most popular of the bonus feature slots and that is known as the “Second Screen Feature”. That basically means the same as its title. There is a second screen feature. As the name has suggested these types of slots have a second screen that is different thank the reels, the second screen can be nearly anything in general but they have a Pick a Box style. This means that in order for you to reach the second screen you usually must have hit a specific combination on the reels which then takes to the bonus round and on to more winnings. This style is my favorite as well.

The second type of Bonus Feature game, which is also very popular, is the bonus spin round. If you have hit a certain combination on the reels then you receive a certain amount of spins free, in which you can win some more credits. The free spins usually include a multiplier so you can win really big jackpots while during this feature.

There is also another type of Bonus Feature slot game called The Wheel of Fortune Bonus. This bonus was obviously based off the television show called The Wheel of Fortune. This Bonus Feature Game is quite popular in casinos across the United States today. These games have a spin wheel feature, just like the television show, where you can win a set amount of credits based on where the wheel stops. Let’s just hope that you get lucky.

The last one that I personally know of is called The Hold Reels Bonus Feature. These slots have become more and more popular as of lately. In essence they are very much like Video Poker. You spin the reels and decide what you want to hold. You then get a chance to spin the remaining reels again, and hope that you made a descent final hand.

These games are featured in Casinos and even in the bars that are in your local city. Bonus Feature games are personally my favorite because they add a real sense of fun when you are playing slots. It kind of lets you take a break between it so you don’t get too bored of the slot machines too fast. Well I hope this let you know a little bit more about the Bonus Feature Slot Machines out there.

Different video slots software providers

I like to sample the different styles of online slots offered by different online casinos. The thing I found out is that a lot of the casinos use the same software and thus have the same slots, and also let you play free video slots. Here are reviews for a couple of video slots along with the software provider and the online casino that I use to play the game.

Psychedelic Sixties - This is a new i-Slot or interactive slot game from Rival Gaming. I highly recommend playing i-Slots if you are into playing bonus games. I-Slots are basically like a bonus game adventure. Each time you win the bonus round, you progress further into the story. The cool thing about these games is that you get a large prize for finishing the bonus game in addition to the normal prizes that you win along the way. Another i-Slot that I like to play is called Spy Game. Here's a pretty good Spy Game video slot review. If you want to check out these i-Slots, they've come out with several new ones recently at This is Vegas.

Monster Money - This is one of the newer games made by Vegas Technology. Most of their new games have bonus games where you get to make decisions. In addition to this game, I really like X Marks the Spot, which is a game I played in a recent Columbus day slots tournament. I was going to make a games guide for it, but I already found a good X Marks the Spot video slot review. If you would like to play either of those games, I would recommend playing them at Online Vegas.

Prince of Sherwood - This game is made by Real Time Gaming or RTG. Most of their video slots do not have interactive bonus games and this is the closest to one that I've found. I like the random jackpot feature that it offers. The main reason I like RTG's software is that it provides a lot more information on the screen than some of the others. You can play this game at Club World Casinos.