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Prince of Sherwood Slots Bonus Round


Prince of Sherwood is a video slot with a jackpot progressive that can be randomly won. There is no combination that will produce this jackpot; you just have to be the lucky person that it gets rewarded to. The game consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines. Each payline is won by matching consecutive symbols on the reels from left to right.

Prince of Sherwood Video Slots Bonus Round Paylines

Prince of Sherwood has a trigger icon, used to activate the featured bonus round, a substitute that is used as a replacement for another icon and a scatter card, which is the only icon that does not have to be on a payline to collect a win.

This video slot is made by Real Time Gaming. One of the features that I really like with RTG video slots is that they supply you with a lot more information than most of the other video slot providers.


If you look at the top of the screenshot above, you will notice that in addition to your balance, bet and win columns there are several other pieces of information available.

Under the top line, you will see white text that provides information such as how many of the paylines you've won, how many paylines you bet on, how much you bet on each line and it also shows you how much you won on each individual payline. The numbers corresponding to the payline along side of the reels will flash so you know which payline(s) have hit.

Another great feature comes with the Auto Play. Much like most other video slots, you can choose how many automatic spins you want done as well as parameters like stopping on jackpots or when a certain event has happened. In the screenshot above, the Auto Play stopped because I won more than $100.

Unlike other video slots software, though, you will actually see how many automatic spins you have completed. In my opinion, this is particularly helpful because the slots always seem to hit a big payline for me right before auto spins are done, which means right before I've bumped the coin value up on bets.

There is also a turbo play function which quickly runs through each pull and only stops briefly to show paylines that were won.

Prince of Sherwood Icons

prince-of-sherwood-substitute-iconSubstitute Icon - Robin Hood

The substitute symbol is Robin Rood. He can be used as a substitute for any other symbol except for scatters and bonus round icons. Robin Hood will only appear on reels 1 and 5, but if you win a payline with him, any prize you win is doubled.

prince-of-sherwood-bonus-round-iconBonus Round Icon- Archery Board

Three or more archery boards are used to activate the Archery Feature bonus round. Archery boards must be on a payline starting from reel 1 to activate Archery Feature.
Paylines - 2 icons - 2x, 3 icons - 10x, 4 icons - 20x, 5 icons - 200x

prince-of-sherwood-slots-scatter-cardScatter Icon - Nottingham Castle

This is the only symbol on the reels that does not have to line up on a payline to win. Unlike some other video slots, getting three or more of these icons will not win anything but a multiple of your bet.
Payline - 2 icons - 1x, 3 icons - 5x, 4 icons - 10x, 5 icons - 100x

Other Prince of Sherwood Icons (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9 icons not shown)

      prince-of-sherwood-sheriff-of-nottingham      prince-of-sherwood-slots-maid-marian       prince-of-sherwood-slots-bag-of-gold       prince-of-sherwood-slots-bow-and-arrow
  Sheriff of Nottingham         Maid Marian                 Bag of Gold              Bow and Arrow


Prince of Sherwood Archery Bonus Round

prince-of-sherwood-slots-archery-bonus-round   prince-of-sherwood-slots-bonus-round-activated
Get three archery boards on a payline from left to right to activate the Archery bonus round

You will be asked to choose between Player 1 (Robin Hood) or Player 2 (Sheriff of Nottingham). Unfortunately, the bonus round does not require any participation on your end; everything is done automatically.


Whichever character that you choose will shoot second. The first person to shoot will almost always hit the x2 bonus prize. Your player now shoots. The closer he comes to hitting the bullseye, the more your bonus prize will be multiplied by. The bonus prize is your total bet, so the bonus prize is multiplied by the total of the opponent and the player's shots. If either shooter hits the bullseye, you win the amount that you bet multiplied by 100.

prince-of-sherwood-slots-bonus-round-free-spins  prince-of-sherwood-slots-bonus-round-multiplier

In the second round of shooting, whichever player you have selected will get one shot to see how many free spins you will receive upon exiting the archery game. You can win up to 25 free spins!

The third round again only involves the player you choose. This time you are shooting to see how much the paylines won during free spins will be multiplied by. If the player hits the center, you win 6x the paylines won during free spins.

prince-of-sherwood-slots-free-spins-remaining  prince-of-sherwood-slots-bonus-round-completed

During the course of free spins mode, any paylines that are won will be shown along with the amount of money that you have won. If you look at your Win amount, you will see that it accumulates the bonus prize with the total from the free spins to show you how much you have won overall on this one bet.

If you look at the example above, you'll see that a $5 bet ended up winning $207 by the time the bonus round was over.


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