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The Right Prize Bonus Round Slots

right prize video slot bonus round

The Right Prize is a 5 reel video slot machine that is based off of the "Price is Right" game show. There are a total of 25 winning paylines, a Bonus Round icon, a scatter card that can give you 10 Free Spins and the substitute symbol is "The Right Prize" wild logo.

To win a payline, you must get either two or three matching symbols from left to right across the payline. Having three in a row doesn't count if they doesn't start on row 1.

Also, remember that the winnings shown on the Paytable page is a multiple of only a single payline bet. That means if you Bet Max, you placed a wager on all 25 paylines. If you bet 25ยข per payline, you have bet $6.25 total. If one payline hits for 5 times the amount put on the payline, then you won $1.25 back and lost a total of $5 on the bet.

The Right Prize Icons on the Reels

right prize bonus round iconBonus Round Icon - The Right Prize Wheel

The bonus round icon in this game is the Right Prize Wheel, which looks suspiciously like the Price is Right wheel that gets contestants to the bonus round.

You need three of these icons on the reels to achieve the bonus round.

right prize bonus round scatter symbolFree Spins Icon - The Right Prize Door Scatter

If you get two or more of the Door symbol anywhere on the reels and you will win at minimum 2x your total bet at minimum.

If you get three or more of these icons on the reels, you will earn 10 free spins.

right prize bonus round wild logo symbolSubstitute Icon - The Right Prize Logo Wild

You can use this symbol to replace any other symbol on the board with the exception of the Scatter and Bonus Round icons.

The highest prize in the game is matching 5 of these symbols across the reels. You win an amazing 10,000 times your bet on the payline.

These five Right Prize symbols require only two matching symbols to win the payline:

right prize bonus round boat symbolright prize bonus round host symbolright prize bonus round ladies iconright prize bonus round new car symbolright prize bonus round cruise symbol

The cool thing about the last two icons shown (the New Car and Cruise) is that they animate and the new car will roll through or an airplane will take off across the screen.

right prize bonus round animations

There are also five symbols that require Three matching icons in order to win a payline:

right prize bonus round turbo wax symbolright prize bonus round contestant symbolright prize bonus round audience symbolright prize bonus round nametag symbolright prize bonus round girl symbol

Prizes for matching these icons pays less then any of the ones above. You would need to match four of these in a row to make back your money on the bet. The great thing about multiple paylines is that you may match up 3 or 4 on several different paylines.

Winning 10 Free Spins

right prize bonus round free spins

If you receive three or more Door scatter cards as shown above, you will receive 10 free spins. All free spins will be max bets at the coin rate that you play when you achieved Free Spins

The Right Prize Bonus Round

right prize bonus round introIn order to reach the bonus round, you must get three of the Bonus Wheel icons. The first picture on this page shows the bonus round being won.

You will notice a Right Prize girl that comes out with a bonus round sign. You will then be taken to one of the two different bonus rounds that you can win.


The first game that you can win is called Chip Drop. It looks an awful lot like the Price is Right's game "Plinko."

right prize bonus round chip drop

You have to choose between one of seven different spots to drop the chip. That chip than bounces around the maze between the top and bottom until it reaches one of the seven prizes at the bottom.

right prize bonus round chip drop decision

Then you have the opportunity of trading in what you won for another opportunity at a larger prize. You get this option twice before you are forced to take what you have won.

The second bonus round that you can go to is called Pick a Prize. This game is very straight forward. You pick one of the items on the table and see how much you have won.

If you like the prize, you should keep it. That's because you only get to trade once in this game.

right prize bonus round pick a prize